AD Arts Collective Ft. Soha Soltan

"Classic Vase", oil on canvas.

Tell a little bit about yourself

My name is Soha Soltan an Egyptian Artist, Graduated from Faculty of Fine Arts, Alexandria,

Egypt. I studied all kinds of arts for five years in faculty but I am specialized in graphics design,

beside arts is my field of studies it’s also my hobby since I was young, I love drawing, painting

&prefer handmade work more than computer works so now I am a painter more than a graphic


What is your favorite style and do you incorporate it with your artwork?

My painting style is related to the Realism (or naturalism) in the arts, which attempt to

represent subject matter truthfully, and in accurate depiction of life forms, perspective, and the

details of light and color and yes it is incorporated in all my artworks.

How did your artistic journey begin?

It began when I started my studies of art in the university, going on after graduation with

some exhibitions I did in Egypt till now as I am working as an art teacher half the day and the

second half as a painter.

Do you have any advice you could give any budding artists out there?

Start attending a lot of workshops of teaching arts which are so much available now to brush

up their talent and skills and also visiting more heritage places like Al Hosn palace & heritage

village to encourage their inspiration and lastly never despair, one day you will reach your


If you could have any artist from any time line draw you, who would you choose and why?

I think I will choose Leonardo da Vinci to draw me because of his style to paint objects or

people, how he understands their structure and how they are formed or put together.

Leonardo da Vinci desires to paint things realistically with perspective and other realistic

elements and was fascinated with nature and this is my preferable style.

You can reach Soha here and email her at

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