AD Arts Collective Ft. Chelsie Joy

Tell us a little bit about yourself

My name is Chelsie Joy Evans, I am an art teacher, artist, and organizer for AD Arts


What is your favorite style and do you incorporate it with your artwork?

I don’t really have a favourite style, but I do enjoy teaching Surrealism and and

Abstract Expressionism.

How did your artistic journey begin?

I started to paint in high-school and was lucky to have a truly inspiring art teacher

who is also a practicing artist. I quickly learned that the only thing I wanted to study was

art so I went to Cegep Champlain Lennoxville and Concordia University, Montreal to

engage in my craft. Printmaking became my obsession for a long time but I have recently

gone back to painting out of necessity.

Do you have any advice you could give any budding artists out there?

Create whatever you think of, when you think of it. Don’t get tied up in the technical

aspects or your work, it will usually lack passion; sometimes what you make will be

awful but at least you will have worked your creative brain. I also frequently tell my

students “It’s not about the product it’s about the journey.”

If you could have any artist from any time line draw you, would would you choose and why?

Most likely my friend Annie Axtell, I have a feeling it would end up really quirky and silly.


You can find more of Chelsie Joy’s work here, check out her blog here and get in touch with her at

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