THE Collective @ THE Space


AD Arts Collective’s second group show in Abu Dhabi opens March 1st at The Space from 7-9pm.

AD Arts Collective’s first show at the National Theatre displayed a remarkable array of talent across many mediums, to a large and enthusiastic crowd. Their second show will feature 40 new, never before seen artworks by 32 artists. AD Arts Collective has put together an incredible selection of work, exploring a multitude of themes and styles, including: paintings, collage, mosaics, and photography.

In keeping with the open concept of the collective, the organizers chose not to include a theme, allowing the artists the opportunity to exhibit their new and favorite works of art. As such, the pieces that will be on display at The Space, are as impressive as they are varied.

The mission of AD Arts Collective is to establish a living art scene in Abu Dhabi for all artistic disciplines, promoting creativity and talent, and connecting artists and art lovers. The Collective is a not-for-profit arts organization run by volunteer artists. The collective hopes to organize art shows around the city, bring together various artistic disciplines, promote local-based artists and celebrate the diverse range of cultures in Abu Dhabi and their intrinsic art practices.

AD Arts Collective is pleased to be working with The Space organization, which is an incredible and original initiative in Abu Dhabi. The Space provides a bright and positive venue for artists to display their work and build a community. “We are looking forward this exhibition at The Space, and we expect it to bring us a new audience” says Pierre Clezac, AD Arts Collective artist and organizer.

AD Arts Collective’s brand new selection of artworks will be on view at The Space on the ground floor of the Two Four 54 building near Park Rotana from March 1st until March 12th.

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