Treehouse Celebrates Opening in Distinct Style!

VIP event and public opening heralded in the opening of Dubai’s newest Terrace Lounge!

Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Treehouse was excited to welcome a plethora of Media, VIPs

and revellers alike last night for its exclusive launch party. From 7:00pm, the majestic

terrace was inhabited by an eclectic mix of journalists, photographers and socialites, whilst

10:00pm saw the arrival of all of Dubai’s nightlife crowd.

The invite-only soiree saw VIPs enjoying a selection of intricate beverage creations, as well

as a sumptuous range of gastronomic offerings, all within the grandeur of the Burj Khalifa’s

radiant silhouette. With a constant backdrop of relaxing beats mirroring the evening’s

aesthetic, VIP guests enjoyed their first experience of Treehouse and its exciting attributes.

The evening was completed by an array of intricately dressed models, whose outfits acted

as a living extension to the specially created aesthetic.

As the clock struck 10:00pm, Treehouse opened its doors to the masses, allowing revellers a

chance to experience Dubai’s newest terrace lounge offering. Guests were invited to sample

an array of creations; from the distinct house cocktail the ‘Elixir of Life’ to the passionately

prepared canapés. As festivities went on into the evening, guests thirstily drank in the

incredible views offered by the world’s tallest building, as it sat idyllic under a clear evening


With its rich renaissance décor, lush furnishings and ornate trees, this decadent terrace

lounge is styled as a house turned inside out. Guests are invited to enjoy an eclectic mix of

bespoke drinks and luxurious bites in the Burj Khalifa’s back garden; with uninterrupted

views of the World’s tallest tower lending a sense of the sublime.

Treehouse looks forward to becoming a definitive location for all those who wish to revel in

the opulence of its magnificent terrace, and is excited to welcome guests in witnessing the

city come to life in the evening, as it pulses with the ever-changing light of Dubai’s incredible


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