Watch artworks come to life

Sheraton Abu Dhabi Hotel reveals pop-up art exhibition and painting demonstration

Sheraton Abu Dhabi Hotel & Resort is proud to present artworks by Australian artist, Des Spencer from

Friday the 14th of November until Friday the 27th of November 2015. Exhibited across the hotel’s lobby, the

pop-up art display will feature Arabian themed paintings by the celebrated painter.

The artist will also paint in the hotel’s lobby for the duration of the exhibition – providing a unique insight

into the world of art for guests. The workshop display offers visitors an unexpected and memorable

experience where they can personally meet the artist and watch the creation of several paintings during

the exhibition.

One of the artworks created during the art residency will be auctioned off for charity. “This particular

painting’s theme will reflect on Sheraton Abu Dhabi’s rich heritage, iconic structure and three decades of

emotional connection with various generations of the capital.” – explains Des Spencer. Proceeds from the

auction will benefit UNICEF’s WASH projects providing clean drinking water and sanitation facilities for

children across Africa and the Middle East.

After living in Cairns for over 20 years, Des Spencer now resides and paints in the UAE. Inspired by the

Emirates’ treasured traditions as well as land and cityscapes, his paintings explode with colour, conveying

the passion of life on the Arabian Peninsula. Featuring camels, palm trees and iconic landmarks, their

vibrant colours and rich textures are the perfect reflection of the country’s energy.

“We always look to offer excusive experiences to our guests. Des Spencer’s art exhibition and live

demonstration of his skills presents the perfect opportunity to add something unexpected to their visit to

Sheraton Abu Dhabi.” – adds Yves Tarabout, Acting General Manager of the hotel.

The exhibition can be viewed in the hotel’s lobby for free of charge.

For information about the charity auction, please contact Judith Pasztor Duffy, Director of Marketing of the

hotel on 02 677 3333 or email

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