Vii Dubai Unwraps Another Secret

Dubai, United Arab Emirates – After enchanting its guests with the recent opening of Vii Dubai,

terrace bar and lounge, Daylight Group announces the launch of another hotspot poised to

become one of the most exciting additions to the UAE’s nightlife scene. The Vii Club, also located

at the 7th floor of the Conrad Hotel Sheikh Zayed Road, is scheduled to open its doors to the public

on Thursday, December 10th.

“It was a natural move to open The Vii Club. Whilst our guests are consistently enjoying the

offerings of the Vii Dubai indoor lounge and outdoor terrace, we understand their growing need

for a club vibe that will take one night into a whole new level of glamour and fun. After the secret

garden, here’s another venue waiting to be unwrapped,” says Rocky Bhatia, Director Vii Dubai.

The Vii Club, a luxurious, modern and elegant nightclub, features exotic mahogany wood-finished

walls, deep plum furniture, bespoke designed DJ booths, dance floor, VIP areas and a signature

wall made of gold coins. The venue can accommodate 500 party connoisseurs who will all be easily

enchanted by the eclectic mix of commercial dance music courtesy of DJs who will guarantee the

party is pumping till late. Guests can also watch out for surprise celebrity guest performers who

are bound to stir the night into an even more electrifying direction. Dubai’s most sought-after

mixologists will also be taking over the bar serving an endless and exotic array of signature drinks

to ensure guests can pick their perfect poison.

Whilst the revelries at Vii Dubai continue seven days a week from 8:00pm onwards, The Vii Club

will be open every Thursday and Friday from 10:30pm to 3:00am.

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