W Doha introduces incredible offer for Warm or Witty Residences

Doha, Qatar – W Doha Hotel & Residences, the first luxury lifestyle hotel in Qatar, is proud

to announce that it will be introducing an incredible new offer for two of its well-loved

accommodations. The W Doha opens the chance to book a one-year contract in a Warm or

Witty Residence, before the 15th of December 2015, to get the 13th month for Free.

The Warm Residences are an expansive one-bedroom accommodation, fully furnished in

a custom design. With over 73.5 m² of space which includes a bedroom, a bathroom and a

living room (with a fully integrated kitchen), as well as a 24h service, participants can get on

with the business of enjoying life and leave the little details to the well trained staff at the W

Doha. With an array of incredible sites and hotspots dotted around the W Doha, one is

never far away from the Warm Residence.

The Witty Residences on the other hand, allow for incredible views in a spacious living

area, with over 107 m² of specially designed living aesthetic. The Witty Residences allow

incredible bedside views, and participants are encouraged to relax in the king-sized bed

and enjoy the sprawling views of the ocean, through the floor-to-ceiling clear glass

windows present in these luxurious apartments. After a while, it is easy to believe that the

room is floating in the clear skies of Doha’s West Bay.

Both residences are fully equipped with an integrated kitchen and a sublime spa-inspired

bathroom with vanity tops, which is fitted with lavish baths and a separate rain-forest

shower. Residents will also have access to the 24-hour Whatever/Whenever® service, an

exclusive private entrance with reception, preferred access to restaurants, lounges and

Bliss® spa, the Wheels® valet parking service, state of the art FIT gym and pool, a grocery

shopping service, as well as wireless and wired internet access.

For reservations or enquiries, or to take part in this fantastic promotion, please contact

00974 4453 5005



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