Diversified Integrated Sports Clinic (DISC) Introduces Itself as a Definitive Health and Lifestyle Location in the UAE

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With an eclectic team of professionals at its disposal, DISC offers UAE residents a

preventative and palliative range of health solutions, to aid patients in retaining and

Dubai, United Arab Emirates. After reviewing current health and lifestyle trends in the

region with interest, the team at Diversified Integrated Sports Clinic decided to mirror their

own values and targets upon what the residents of the UAE constantly required. By bridging

the gaps between medical practices, lifestyle trends and basic wellness, DISC has

successfully created an environment whereby participants can by treated, evaluated and

tutored in the healthcare fields that they demand.

The clinic’s design itself was created to stimulate the senses and initiate patient comfort

immediately. It feels more like going home than going to a clinic.

In terms of medical practices; the in-house Doctors of Chiropractic and Osteopathy are

present to evaluate, diagnose and manage neuro-musculoskeletal pain. Specializing in

sports-related injuries, they see patients from a variety of disciplines. Therapy programs are

tailored in an integrated team approach to the needs and comforts of the patient after a full

medical history and evaluation is performed. The option of several techniques are offered to

suit every individual.

Physiotherapy, Sports Therapy and Myofascial Release departments have also been

developed to help the patient with pain management and rehabilitation, and to develop a

comprehensive plan to fix the patients and educate them on preventative care. This is done

with exercise therapy, myofascial release, stabilisation and mobility exercises depending on

the case and needs of the individual.

Health and lifestyle is expertly exemplified through the in-house gym; equipped with state

of the art equipment to strengthen muscles and joints for long-term pain prevention and

management. As part of a specially designed program, patients are encouraged to undergo

fitness and strengthening programs under the monitoring of specialists, preventing chronic

pain or the onset of pain in the future, and to consult the Diet and Lifestyle Specialist for any

dietary needs. Programs can target individuals at any fitness level.

With a client base that spans a huge demographic, DISC embodies the eclectic population of

the region. This is due to the unwavering dedication and passion for healthcare, intrinsic in

the very lifeblood of DISC’s team. With a philosophy centred on patient requirement, DISC

hopes to grow in size and effectiveness, so that it may better serve those who wish for a

definitive health and lifestyle entity in the Middle East.

creating a healthy lifestyle.

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