Dubai skydiver Jarrett Martin conquers paraplegic world record

Sets new record at Inflight Dubai for longest flight time in a wind-tunnel by a disabled person

Dubai, 2nd September, 2015 –Dubai resident, Jarrett Martin, a professional skydiver and one of just two

master parachute riggers in the UAE, made history by smashing the previous world record for the

longest flight time in a wind-tunnel by a disabled person. Setting a record of three hours of flight time at

Inflight Dubai, he beat the previous record of 96 minutes which was set by British double amputee

skydiver, Alistair Hodgson.

Inflight Dubai is home to the world’s largest vertical wind tunnel, and boasts a 20 meter tall high-tech

flying chamber built around four electric-motor powered fans producing a total force of 2,000


Commenting on this incredible milestone, which was achieved on the sixth year anniversary of his tragic

accident, Jarrett said, “This feels absolutely surreal. The first hour was the hardest for me but as soon as

I crossed the 96 minute mark, I knew I could carry on for another hour. My friends and family who were

cheering me on were a great support system and kept me going.”

Paralyzed from chest down and wheelchair bound, the Dubai based 24-year old American moved to

Dubai in 2014 to take up his dream job at Skydive Dubai. “A passion for the sky runs in my family, and I

moved to Dubai with the aim of making my every dream a possibility. Elsewhere in the world, it is not

easy to participate in aerosports because of my physical condition. I’m very grateful to my friends at

Inflight Dubai and Skydive Dubai colleagues for continuously pushing me to achieve my dreams and

always showing faith in what I do”.

Amongst the most accomplished disabled aerosports athletes in the world, Jarret has many titles to his

name such as – first paraplegic to BASE jump on his own from a cliff in Kjerag, Norway. He also holds the

record for successfully achieving the first twin formation flight with another paraplegic athlete. Earlier

in 2015, he participated in the world’s highest dream jump which took place at Princess Towers in Dubai


“My move to Dubai has really created so many opportunities and has helped turn my crazy dreams into

reality. I owe it all to the fantastic facilities and the amazing people who have supported me throughout

and have been my legs on my journey. Dubai is truly the city of my dreams”.

By pushing the envelope every day of his life, Jarrett is a pillar of inspiration for those with and without

disabilities. He hopes his story will encourage and motivate other disabled and able people to get out

and try something exceptional regardless of their situation.

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