Assess your Accuracy with ADSC and Al Forsan

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. Lock, load and bring home the trophy this September with the Abu

Dhabi Sports Council 300m Sniper Competition! As Al Forsan International Sports Resort continues to

work closely with Abu Dhabi Sports Council to help encourage residents and tourists alike to ‘Get Active’,

the 300m Sniper Competition will help to showcase this relationship, as well as the amazing shooting

talent of the region! With a coveted shooting trophy as well as AED 5000 up for grabs, this is a chance

for firearm aficionados and amateurs alike to focus in on the target!

In a bid to encourage a diverse range of participants, ADSC and Al Forsan are offering a practice session

for any aspiring sharp shooters; with a 5 shot familiarisation. For those who have limited shooting

experience, this will be an invaluable opportunity to learn the subtle nuances of these accurate pieces of

precision engineering. Those more versed in the art of firearm accuracy will recognise the available

shooting calibers. Participants will get the chance to take part in the .308 or .223 competitions; two very

different rounds that require two very different styles.

Participants will be able to record their shooting skill at any point between the dates of September 1st

and September 30th. The top shots will then be contacted to compete in the final shoot off, which will

see them vying for the first prize!

Al Forsan International Sports Resort will be on hand to judge the competition, aided by a knowledge

and experience that has been built up over many years, but also by some incredible tech that will ensure

accurate and fair judging. The LOMAH system (Location of Miss and Hit), allows for highly reliable results

that will be displayed on a monitor next to the shooter. Competitors will be given 5 minutes to take 5

shots; so it is important to use the time wisely!

The top three competitors from each category will receive a trophy, with the prize money differing on

place: 1st Place AED 5000, 2nd Place AED 3000 and 3rd Place AED 2000. Participants must be over the

age of 21 and will be required to show ID as proof of age (Emirates ID, Passport, UAE Driving License).

The entry fees for all participants is AED 250. With winning grouping sizes measured in mere millimeters,

participants may not hit their targets on the first go, and so in the spirit of determination, male

competitors will get the chance to re-shoot .308 for AED 230 and .223 for AED 200.

Al Forsan is open seven days a week and welcomes all visitors with complimentary resort access and

parking to experience the fantastic range of facilities. For general inquiries, please contact toll free

number 800 AL FORSAN (25367726) or email, For more information, please visit

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