Al Forsan Introduces Two Brand New Motorsports

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. Double the Adrenaline this summer with two brand new

motorsport activities at Al Forsan International Sports Resort, launching on September 1st.

Whether it is racing around a purpose built Off-Road track, or battling around the Extreme Kart

track at exhilarating speeds; there is plenty to do for petrol heads this summer at Al Forsan.


This one of a kind experience in the region gives racers access to a challenging Race of

Champions style track, where enthusiasts can prove their skills and push limits to the extreme.

Make sure to hold on as the 24 horse power Rage roars its way around the fourteen turn

professional track in the ultimate off-road experience. Racers will then have the opportunity to

advance to the 101 horse power Can Am Maverick 1000R before driving the off-road monster

Rage powered by 140 horsepower. Participants will be given the opportunity to have a couple

of practice laps, before they really get up to speed. All drivers will have the added benefit of

being safely held in place by the four point race harness, as well as being protected by the steel

roll cage. Experience the thrill with prices starting from AED 220.

Extreme Karts

With either the 13 horsepower Le Mans Kart or the 18 horsepower Le Mans Extreme Kart to

choose from, this is the perfect way to hone driving skills. The completely custom built frame

and wrap around safety system give drivers a secure platform to race the powerful engine

around the track at exhilarating speeds. Get ready to burn some rubber with prices starting at

AED 180.

Al Forsan is open seven days a week and welcomes all visitors with complimentary resort access

and parking to experience the fantastic range of facilities. For general inquiries, please contact or visit

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