Revel in the Fusion at Al Forsan’s Newest Restaurant Offering

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. Al Forsan International Sports Resort is proud to announce

that it will be introducing a new venue to its already impressive collection of restaurants this

summer. Kishi will bring a fresh new taste to Abu Dhabi, with its Japanese-Fusion menu that will

be sure to delight all palates!

As Al Forsan offers various activities and sporting pursuits, so it offers a diverse range of food

and beverage options that will allow diners to experience a plethora of different cultures and

cuisines. Kishi brings traditional Japanese cuisine and injects an exciting fusion aspect into its

diverse offerings. This melange has manifested itself into a stunning restaurant interior, which

perfectly complements the food which it serves. The presentation of a contemporary aesthetic

is neatly offset by the appearance of subtle Japanese icons, such as beautiful cherry blossoms

and bamboo.

Whilst artfully featuring staples of Japanese cuisine such as: Sashimi, Gyoza and select Sushi;

Kishi also showcases its fusion elements by offering dishes like: wrapped Foie Gras with Peking

Duck, as well as bespoke sushi items like the Crown Black Maki and 21st Century Smoked Foie

Gras Maki. Kishi is also excited to offer Teppanyaki, with 3 unique options for the discerning

diner. With the ability to choose between the Samurai (meat lover), the Kaisenyaki (seafood

lover) and the Shogun (surf and turf), Teppanyaki fans will be able to enjoy a luxurious feast,

whilst reveling in the spectacle of a front row seat at the teppan table.

This mix of the modern and the ancient is a perfect reflection of the food that is served by the

talented Chef Tamer Shawki. After a long career working in many restaurants across the world,

Chef Tamer now works at Al Forsan International Sports Resort, and spearheads a crack team at

Kishi. With the skills accrued over a long career, alongside his expertise in molecular

gastronomy, Chef Tamer is sure to lead Kishi into the forefront of Abu Dhabi’s burgeoning

culinary scene.

Kishi is open Kishi is open from 13h00 pm to 23h00 pm (Closed on Sundays).

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