Indie Launches in Partnership with Gaucho and Add-Mind

Dubai, June 2015 – Gaucho and Add-Mind announce their partnership to launch an exciting

new lounge concept, Indie at Gaucho. A brand that originated in Beirut, Indie is located above

the renowned Argentinian restaurant and set to open its doors in the third quarter of 2015.

This strategic partnership aims to combine Gaucho’s internationally commended expertise in

the restaurant industry with Add-Mind’s impeccable record on building the best nightlife names

in the region. Gaucho, which operates all over the UK, in Hong Kong and Buenos Aires, is

located in the heart of DIFC. On the other hand, Add-Mind has brought to the country

esteemed brands such as Iris Dubai and Iris Yas Island and WHITE Dubai; and recently added to

its portfolio, UK original Toy Room.

“We are truly excited for this partnership that aims to bring out the best of the two parties’

practices and put them together in a unique brand that’s never been seen or experienced

before in Dubai,” says Ross Butler, Director of International Operations for Gaucho.

At Indie, guests can expect an eclectic selection of non-mainstream music, unique cocktails and

exquisite cuisine. It is built around the ambition to create a unique place where fashion, art,

design and people form a new dimension of inspiration and entertainment. Indie will provide

exceptional entertainment with monthly exciting events.

“With our combined strengths, we are surely going to take this brand to an even more exciting

level and I’m sure all our clients, old and new, will be pleased to see the outcome of this

venture,” Tony Habre, CEO of Add-Mind.

Throughout the Holy month of Ramadan, Gaucho is open seven days a week from 12:00pm to

12:00am. Bubblies will be served at the restaurant after sunset. For reservations, please contact

04 422 7898 or email For more information, please visit

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