AD Arts Collective Ft. Sultan Al Ramahi


Tell us a little bit about yourself

I am a 25-year-old Emirati artist working full-time as a planner in the Urban Planning

Council. I graduated from Washington State University with a degree in both Architecture

and Fine Arts. People just call me Sultan; I’m still waiting for them to call me a


What is your favorite style and do you incorporate it with your artwork?

I’ll have to say surrealism and Graphic design are two things I love. However, I’ve

always been more inclined to sketching and working in graphite or pen. I don’t really

have a distinct style as I am all over the place, and there is no one theme I try to stick to,

it depends on the day and my mood.

How did your artistic journey begin?

I have been drawing ever since I could pick up a pencil, and haven’t stopped since

then. My uncle Mahmoud Al Ramahi (an artist who’s been active in the local art

community here since the 80’s) has been the one who has been constantly pushing me

all these years.

Do you have any advice you could give any budding artists out there?

Be patient and never stop working. It’s a great and exciting time for the arts in the

UAE. There are tons of new galleries and art collectives springing up all over the UAE.

Just get out there and be active, form connections, attend talks and workshops. Just be


If you could have any artist from any time line draw you, would would you choose and why?

Da Vinci. Why Not? He’s the master.


You can follow Sultan on Instagram and get in touch at

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