AD Arts Collective Ft. Laurette Kovary


Tell us a little bit about yourself.
My name is Laurette Kovary. I am an artist  specializing in visual art using paint and mixed media. My latest work concentrates on my relocation to Abu Dhabi from the US and is called “Lost & Found in Arabia”.Back in the States some of my clients called me the “Art Guru” but most everyone calls me Laurette.

What is your favorite style and do you incorporate it with your artwork?
Ive always favored Impressionism and “Une seconde vie” – what Mattisse called collage. I use both in my work.

How did your artistic journey begin?
I was born into an artistic family and have been an artist my whole life. My first memory is painting a mural with my family on our living room wall of the Lascaux Cave paintings. I was 5.

Do you have any advice you could give any budding artists out there?
Keep an open mind. Try to make art every day. Try not to beat yourself up too much if you get rejected.

If you could have any artist from any time line draw you, would would you choose and why?
That is a tie. Chuck Close or Kehinde Wiley.

Visit Laurette’s website and contact her at

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