AD Arts Collective Ft. Katharina Möller

Tell us a little bit about yourself
My artist pseudonym is ‘ars necopinata’ (latin for unexpected/surprising art). The name behind ‘ars necopinata’ is Katharina Möller, friends usually call me Katha.

What is your favorite style and do you incorporate it with your artwork?
I don’t have a favorite style. My focus is meaning and emotion behind an artwork. It could be in any style as long as it touchs me somehow, tells me something, make me feel something. I work in many different media and styles depending on what and how I want to express.

How did your artistic journey begin?
I’m a visual type, I think and ever thought in pictures. I express myself through creativity since I was able to hold a pen.

Do you have any advice you could give any budding artists out there?
Just do it. Create your art and keep on going. Have always an open eye for opportunities around to get exposure and new contacts. If there’s a lack of opportunities for exposure, make up something by yourself or better together with other creative minded people. For an artist art is life. And life is, what you are creating out of it!

If you could have any artist from any time line draw you, would would you choose and why?
Still pretty living artist Preston Van Boyd from Oregon. I admire his emotional art and we are friends. It would mean something to get portrayed by him because he knows me.

Visit Katharina’s website here and get social on Facebook here. Email her for further queries at

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