Project 365

So last month was a bit melodramatic for me – There were so many greats an not so greats…. Each image tells a story about how I went about my day. Mayhem for example was a total shocker, a new experience for me, I love my rock and metal but this was totally on a different level, its a shame not alot of people came to support such a stand up and humble metal band..These guys hung out and chilled with the fans after the gig, the lead singer even sat next to me without a care and started talking…unreal.

Bash is one of my oldest friends in Abu Dhabi, creative and free spirited. And thats not even the tip of the ice berg, he is one of the few that can genuinely make me laugh anytime, he gives great hugs and also such a hot mess. Sofitel is the new high-rise hotel in the city, beautiful location and hotel, too bad they haven’t spent enough time advertising and promoting their business, hopefully it picks up since its been a year?


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