JAN 8 - George

JAN 8 – George


Today I realized just how much I miss to dance, I reluctantly visited Warehouse because of Zouk. I got there to find the place packed with empty seats and several people by the bar and the students just dancing their way thru the dance floor. It was so beautiful, the music, the movements. Everything just made my nostalgic mind go into hyper drive.

I remember how stiff I was back in grade 5, i couldn’t even do the wave.  By grade 7 I was dancing in circles, and in time I knew and performed different styles of dancing from Modern to Hip-Hop; from Classic ballroom to Salsa and Cha Cha – even folk dancing wasn’t exempted from this experience . In fact it is because of folk dancing I got into the habit of swaying my hips.

And these hips don’t lie, I enjoyed choreography and late nights practicing with friends in the living room, dad would have ordered chicken for everyone so by the time we’re done we’d have a mini feast. I missed that. No, not the feast – the dancing, I’ve put it off so much that the only dancing I am able to do nowadays is with my only partner, the horizontal boogie. Oh the jokes.

On a serious note though, dancing – I should def get back into that, even if I suck its ok, as long as I am in the right atmosphere. Speaking of which, todays image is about a man called George – he belongs to the band back at Warehouse. Good vibes when its not packed with deep breathing, beer stained teeth and perverted men.


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