So yesterday I went back to work after a week of apathy,fever and flu. I’m still recovering and I still have the odd headache or two while sneezing,coughing and blowing my nose. But its not as bad as a few days ago. Still I went to work and got back home around 3am and was too exhausted to update my blog. Although I’m gonna say it again, i really hate clubs.

I love my job but it makes me think about how these people can go clubbing every night, go to work the next day (that is if they have work) but of course they do, how else do they spend 5k on a bottle for the sparklers? Then they go to another club the next night, with the same music, the same pretentious crowd with the same life style?

anyway enough of my rant, Jan 7s image is dedicated to all the groceries that have been forced to close down to conform to the norm. Its been a week of searching for one last shop that hasnt closed down or that hasn’t been stripped off its old charm. I finally found one, and to think only a block away from my place. Its sad that the authority has to impose this “new look” on all groceries, I understand (after a useless conversation turned into a battle of wits and clever insults “fuck you” is the new smart comeback) that health and safety comes first, but I do think that instead of spending 120K on giving up the old charm to look shiny and new is just ridiculous, and thats putting it nicely.

they should’ve just spent that money on maintaining their store, make sure it passes bi monthly inspection (or random even that way they’re always in line) and investing on better shelving,equipment,etc. Ah…this city is just morphing into a huge shiny ball.

Hear that? that’s culture packing up and walking away with heavy footsteps.

Jan 7

Jan 7

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