AINAC Competition and Talk 360 : day 2

53: AINAC Competition and Talk 360 : day 2 ♥

What is AINAC?

The first Arab Innovation Network Annual Conference (AINAC) is a three-day conference, which comprises of a competition, exhibition, and symposium.  We invite you to take part in AINAC by submitting a high quality piece of research, or to simply attend this congregation of talented researchers and practitioners.

What are AINAC’s objectives?

  1. Direct academic research towards high priority issues in the Arab world
  2. Bridge the gap between academia and industry
  3. Create a network of active innovative researchers

How will you benefit from AINAC?

AINAC brings together like-minded Arabs to interact with distinguished speakers and learn from hands-on workshops. You will also have the opportunity to network with like-minded innovators, and benefit from the exhibition! In our competition segment, the best researchers will be acknowledged and awarded.

Our awards include monetary prizes, and potential scholarship and internship opportunities that will help develop respective research directions.

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