…what you see is what you get…

…what you see is what you get….

is my old blog. I loved that blog, it had everything I wanted in a blog. my photos, my words, new and old friends and lots of interaction with my readers.

Ever since it was hacked and used against me (long and boring story im sure) I wasn’t too keen on blogging again, thats why I stuck to social media platforms like Instagram or created an account on tumblr for my instagram photos and then maintained my Twitter acount and  Facebook page.

But Ive been needing an outlet for alot of things. I’ve become too…robotic. Everything I did just became a routine for me that I slowly despised and only did out of obligation. Which is why I’m back, writing what I can and when I can.

Take a look at my old stuff and maybe you might find something you like.

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