Kumi Yamashita


Kumi Yamashita.

Kumi Yamashita

H183, W427, D10cm
Carved wood, single light source, shadow

this is my favorite piece of Kumi’s work. She is an inspirational artist, first time I visited her website  I actually spent a good couple of hours just flipping thru images and looking at the careful detail she has put so much effort into doing. Do take a minute or two to visit the website, I’m sure your artistic butterfly will start flapping its wings 😛

this piece also speaks how I feel at the moment, not only am I ill, I’ve got one of the worst case scenario you could have where I live. But like every other obstacle thats been put in my way I’ve managed to take care of myself in a way but I’d still like to live a little…and more 🙂

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